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Per Hågen Hansen
Technical manager
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Per Hågen Hansen


Name:            Per Hågen Hansen

Date of Birth: 12.10.1966

Title:              Bachelor of Science, environmental engineer.         

Main Task in Etech Process and Etech Miljø: Executive technical director.

Key Qualification

The employee is versatile regarding the work/subjects and can, if necessary, by himself do most of the works in the projects. He also has a lot of experience as a key operator and coordinator for engineering/design of plants, where delegation of tasks is necessary. He can combine the work at executive positions as well as with detail engineering.

His qualification and skills have been used within most of the fields for delivering landfill gas plants, water treatment with hollow fiber membranes, leachate water treatment  with reverse osmosis membranes and gas separation with hollow fiber membranes.

Since he has been working in most of the special fields and executive levels in projects, he has a good overall ability for valuation, management and execution of projects and development of products.

The employee has also good experience from field-work through construction management, commissioning and maintenance of plants.

Key Tasks

The following tasks has been performed in the period of 1997 to this day:

Executive tasks

  • Project manager, developer and engineering manager for delivery of nitrogen generators for marine applications in Asia.
  • Project manager for procurement and construction for delivery of landfill gas plants, water treatment and leachate water treatment.
  • Management of pre-projects for landfill gas plants, test pumping of landfill gas, consulting engineering, calculating bid, etc.
  • Management of development within combustion technique for landfill gas (Flare)
  • Construction management within projects.

Engineering tasks for landfill gas treatment, water treatment and nitrogen generation:

  • Performing pre-projects and reports
  • Process engineering.
  • Design of piping and general mechanical work.
  • Engineering of electric work with special program tools (E3) and autocad.
  • Engineering of Explosive zone, equipment for explosive applications.
  • Engineering and construction management of ground work for landfill gas plants.
  • Instrumentation, purchase and design
  • Development and engineering of systems for analysis of landfill gas and nitrogen generation.

Detail work:

  • Programming of PLC, Operation Panel and Scada systems.
  • Test and commissioning of plants.
  • Assembly work for mechanical systems.
  • Assembly work for automation systems.
  • Maintenance of landfill gas plans, leachate water plants and gas engines.


Aug. 1993 – June 1996: University of Agder, dept. Grimstad, Bachelor of Science. Environmental engineering.

Aug. 1992 – June 1993: Trondheim University college, pre-studies for bachelor of science.

Aug. 1983 – June 1986: Upper Secondary School, Electronic technician.

Data Experience

AutoCAD 2007, LT.

Microsoft Word, Excell, PowerPoint, Access, Project.

Visual basic

E3 – Electric engineering

Adobe acrobate 8.0



Norwegian and English.

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Sømsveien 170, nr 1
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