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Bengt de Vylder Larsen
Managing Director
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Bengt de Vylder Larsen Qualifications

Name:    Bengt de Vylder Larsen

Birth:     20.01.1967

Tittel:     Managing Director

Employment outside Norway:

From 1989 to 1993 I worked as a flight instructor and pilot. Educated over 100 pilots both in the class room and in the airplanes developed a skill to convey technical information to people with various skills to receive complex knowledge

ETech Process 1996-1997, environmental engineer.

The intentions were to increase the knowledge within the company in the field of landfill gas.

ETech Process 1997-2001, department manager for environmental engineering.

The goal was to increase the marked share related to landfill gas and look for new products that could be delivered to landfills.

I was responsible for bringing the marked share from a 10 % to 80 % in the field of landfill gas in Norway. I 1999 I started to look at various ways of utilizing the gas and ways of solving the leachate problems in Norway.

ETech Process 2001-2007, managing director

As a managing director I was involved in increasing the turnover from 10 million NOK to 45 million NOK with a profit of 15 %. The number of employees increased from 8 to 30. Implemented ISO 9001. Maintained a marked share of 80 % in the field of landfill gas plants, and gas engines, and delivered the 3 first advanced leachate plants in Norway. In the same time was a key part of development of nitrogen generators and the process of going international with the product. I was also part of the establishment of a new JV company called Energikilden, together with Statoil. The purpose was to build and operate green power stations

ETech Miljø 2007-today, managing director

In 2007, the environmental department became a separate company in Etech Process and was called Etech Miljø AS. In 2009 we started to look for opportunities to go international. The concept is to build green power plants, own and operate. The income comes from energy and carbon credits. The key is to find the right landfills, secure the gas rights and corporate with local partners. In this process we have been working together with other Norwegian companies and gotten government support.

Key qualifications

Ability to spot opportunities in the marked. Work with determinations and specific strategies to introduce new products to the marked. Convey complex technical knowledge in a way that makes the audience understand. Experience with management, economics, personnel, good all-round technical knowledge. Invited to many seminars to speak. Innovative in the crossover of marked and technical issues. Sitting as a board member in several companies.