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Etech Miljø provides technical service and support for approx. 40 landfill sites. These sites contains equipment for collecting the landfill gas, gas supplied boilers, gas engines and leachate water treatment plants. Our service technician is located in Tønsberg, and our personnel in Kristiansand are also capable to do service commissions.

We can perform pumping test to analyze the amount and quality of the landfill gas. The results of these tests have in some cases shown that a landfill gas plant needs to be installed to handle the pollution, and in other cases it has shown that a landfill gas plant is not necessary because there is not enough gas to run the plant anyway.

We have run several pilot projects, often related to technical and economical evaluation of various projects.

We have done several design works regarding the ground work for gas welds and routes for collecting the gas in the landfill. Our personnel are competent to design a landfill in the best way, and we often cooperate with a local consultant that can be the owner's representative on site.


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Sømsveien 170, nr 1
4638 Kristiansand S

Managing Director

Bengt de Vylder Larsen


Tlf: +47 92 03 16 15
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